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Muslims mushroom in 3 Bengal districts


KOLKATA: Many call it the `Bangla bomb' and West Bengal chief minister Buddhadev Bhattacharjee, like his counterparts in Tripura, Assam and the entire North-East, is clearly concerned.He may not have quoted statistics when he said on Thursday that the demography in certain parts of the country was changing due to infiltration from Bangladesh.


Fear of Dhaka in fanatic grip

SUJAN DUTTA - The Telegraph

The study notes that since the US began its “war on terror”, there are reports of al Qaida moving activists into Bangladesh. In July 2003, an estimated 100 Taliban and al Qaida cadre were given shelter in the Arakan Rohingya National Organisation with its base in Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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Delhi bid to block arms to militants


The groups that have traditionally been involved in gunrunning are the Rohingya refugees settled at Cox Bazar in Bangladesh, the Karen and Wa tribes of Myanmar and the Khmer Rouge guerrillas of Cambodia. Though the Karen rebels based in Kachin province of Myanmar have arrived at an agreement with the junta, they continue to have a nexus with insurgent outfits of the Northeast.

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Study of Muslim infiltration into Rakhine State

The term 'Rohinger' is unknown to the people of Rakhine in pre-war days. Because there is no such indigenous race in Myanmar or particularly in Rakhine. So, the question does not arise to define the meaning of 'Rohinger' as a race.

So also, after the exodus of 1992, the minister of Foreign Affairs of state Law and order Restoration Council Government issued the following statement in the conference of February' 92;'' Although there are 135 national races living in Myanmar to day, the so called the Rohinger people is not one of them. Historical there has never been a Rohinger race in Myanmar. People of Muslim faith from the adjacent country illegally entered into Myanmar Naingan particular the Rakhine State.'' Who ever they might be the central authority the legal definition is that they are considered only as ''alien'' or'' guest citizens.''

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Who Are the Rohingyas?

A few weeks ago, it was announced on a broadcast of BBC Burmese program that a Burmese national of the Rohingya ethnic group had been granted political asylum in Japan. We should be pleased with this sign of the Japanese government’s humanitarian attitude towards people who could face various kinds of dangers in their homeland, including death, regardless of their race, religion or nationality. However what concerns me in this case, as a native historian of Burma, is the ethnicity of the so-called Rohingyas. Who are the Rohingyas? This issue has been a problem for Burma since it gained independence from Great Britain.

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Report on the conditions and sufferings of the Rakhaings in Maungdaw

During the time of British rule, the first chance for governing Maungdaw was given to Maung Nyo, grandson of a Rakhaing king. He happened to join in the force as Jamadar (equivalent to the rank of a Captain) during the year 1825-26 till the period of signing Randabo agreement. He had to rule a portion of the area on the western side of Naf River. From his grandfather, in recognition of his activities in the war, he was also given the rule of big area on the eastern side of the Naf River.

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